Feeling the SQUEE!

Hi all you beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!  Happy Friday!!!

The Best You PAL Academy Mary Kate Kopec

We are getting so close … I’m starting to get uber giddy!!!  The new workbooks are getting their covers printed right now … then final binding … then I can unleash them on the pre-health world!!!  And that’s feeling bananas-tacular-awesome!!!  And then mid-month-May … we are on track to launch The Best You PAL Academy … and I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement!!!

I’m working hard with Lena Shore (my Amazingly Talented and Ridicerously Skilled graphic artist/designer, web developer — digital magician extraordinaire)  to get my website and fun-tastic arts all ready.  And then there’s me behind the scenes also making course content … videos, books, and more.  It’s off-the-wall, high-five stupendousness!!!

Keep your happy PINK SQUEE juju flying my way!!!  I’m busting hump to be ready in time.  Feeding on chocolate, determination, and teamwork!!!

Keeping you right by my side in SQUEE!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Mary Kate  :0)