Silver Linings …

Hi all my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!  It’s Friday once again, and time for some spreading of SQUEEness!!!  Many of you just got dumped on with snow again, and that sucks.  WTH happened to spring, right???  I truly hope the sun and warmth is fast on the heels of your snow showers, and that your days brighten right back up!!!  :0)

kiss my tulips Mary Kate Kopec

On my end, I just went through a lil bit of a health scare, and it has reminded me how important it is to keep smiling and focusing on the goodness in my life.  For me, I’ve always found that goodness to be in my love, friendships, and nature.  Oh, and chocolate!!!  lol.

This picture is especially for my honeybun, Paul.  When you look at the PINKness of my heart, you will definitely see him, and I am so very thankful and lucky to have him right by my side, holding my hand and giving me love and support in all that I do and all that I face.

I gotta say, I got really fortunate in my life when my path stumbled across his.  <3 :0)

And for my friends who reached out to hold my hand, cheek kisses and the SQUEEest and PINKest of hugs to you!!!  You helped me so much!!!  And I am so thankful <3  <3  <3

I am reminded to breathe, relax, love, see brightness, exercise, channel positive healing energy, sleep well, stay hydrated, eat nourishing foods, smile often, do good things, do fun things, share my life and my SQUEE, and to stay focused on the goodness in my life.

I got a gift out of this scare: a very clear picture of what is important to me.  And now that I know, I’m doubling down on making my life be exactly that, while loving the journey.  It’s funny, I’ve known for a really long time that health and love and friends and laughter are they essentials of life.  I’ve known it.  But I’ve never felt it like I do now.  I guess that’s the silver lining of getting the shit scared out of you by a doctor letting you know that all is not well.  So I’m facing that and moving forward, with my focus clearly on the good stuff.  <3  :0)

Happy Friday!!!  I’m thinking of you with SQUEE in my heart!!!  <3

Mary Kate


PS: I took this picture at the 2017 Philly Flower Show.