Dreaming of the Beach!

Hi all you beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming of the beach.  And not just any beach … some Lake Michigan beaches.  Little Sable Point Lighthouse in Mears, MI, and the lighthouses in Grand Haven.

Mary Kate's Favorite Michigan Beaches

If you’ve never been to Michigan, then you, like me, might be surprised to know that Michigan has some beautiful sandy beaches with brilliant blue waters and gorgeous sunsets.  It’s true.  There is sand in Michigan.  And sandy beaches.  (Check out the Sleeping Bear Dunes!!!)

Growing up a sun-loving, beach-cruising, flip flop-wearing punk kid in Florida, my first visit to a beach in Michigan was filled with scoff and me being entirely unimpressed.  I mean, what was a Great Lake compared to the Atlantic Ocean?  Seriously???  But that was the immature me.  LOL.  After a few years in Michigan, when I met and married Paul, I needed picture ideas for my dad’s Christmas present – a monthly calendar for the new year.  After taking all the pictures I could of Dexter and Ann Arbor, I needed to expand my horizons, and my dad was career Navy … so I thought, “Lighthouses.”  A Navy man must love the water and lighthouses.  … And so began my eye-opening awakening to the beauties of Michigan and the maritime culture.

Since then I’ve become a Great Lakes-ophile.  I looooooooove so many of the beaches.  I’ve written about them (Love AND Revenge and Damn, Girl. That Sucks.), and they even inspired me to travel to Duluth, MN to see the Split Rock Lighthouse which sits along the North Shore of Lake Superior … and the geology there … and the rocks … SO COOL!!!

So as the temperatures warm and the sun gets brighter and happier, I’m thinking of the beach and wishing to be there.

What’s your favorite beach that you’ve ever been to???

Happy Friday!!!

Hugs and Silliness,

Mary Kate :0)






It’s Spring my beautiful wonderful happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!  The colors are starting to brighten; the trees, bud; and the sun just seems shinier!!!

Reaching for Spring Mary Kate Kopec

So bring on your SQUEE and let’s make the warm months this year be dazzling!!!

I’m taking up a new/old hobby … photography.  I dabbled my interest in photography back in my early 20’s (essentially, yesterday … lol), and now that I’m getting all scribbly-artsy in my creativity, I’ve been bitten by the photo bug again.  Pauli and I went to the Philly Flower Show, and the theme was Holland – thus tulips, and I was enamored.  Unfortunately, my new camera hadn’t arrived yet, but I got this beautiful shot with my iPhone.  Wanted to share.  I have a few other favorites from our outing, and I’m thinking of sharing.  I’m just trying to decide if I want to “play” with them first … or think of inspirational quotes to go with.  For now, this picture I share with you is sans any computer assisted touches, other than getting a frame.

Hope you enjoy!

Do you like photography?  Or do you have any other favorite hobbies?  Please do tell!

Hugs, Love, and Silliness!!!!

Mary Kate  :0)  <3