OH My SQUEE-ness! It’s Official!!!

Celebrating SQUEE

Starting our Thursday off with straight up giddy silliness!!!  Hope you enjoy!!!  <3  :0)

According to Google, the Oxford English Dictionary has added “Squee” to its entries … and so therefore SQUEE is now a real official word!  Well of course it is!!!  My one woman campaign has finally paid off!!!  LOL

. . . and to Hollie Rieth, I’d like to give my giddy heartfelt SQUEE-thanks for introducing me to the word.  And to my husband, Paul, thank you my love muffin for all your love and support . . . and the constant supply of chocolate you keep around to keep me SQUEE!!!  And to all of you, my most Beautiful, Wonderful, Happy SQUEE-Peeps, thank you for being absolute joy and SQUEE-ness in my life!!!  I keep on, keepin’ on because of you!!!  <3  :0)

Although I don’t have a subscription to the OED, I’m certain if we were to look Squee up in its fabulous pages, we’d find a picture of us — Beautiful, Wonderful, Happy SQUEE-Peeps!!!!


Love you all so SQUEE-much!!!  Happy Thursday!!!!  Hope your day is SQUEE!!!

MK  :0)  <3

Oh My Pinkness!!! 6 Minutes of SQUEE Silliness!!!

Oh My Pinkness by Mary Kate Kopec

Hi All!!  For you today, I have 6 minutes of video silliness with a very happy thank you to you, some news, and some chitchat!

Lemme know how you like the video … it’s something new I’m trying for you!  :0)

And next time … I’ll make sure to check the back of my hair first.  Rookie faux pas.  LOL!

Hugs and Silliness!!!

Mary Kate :0)

MKKBLog1 from Mary Kopec on Vimeo.

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