Doing It My Way

Mary Kate Kopec

Hey there my beautiful wonderful happy Squee-Peeps!  Hang on to your hard-hats; I’m about to get all kinds of real up in here.  LOL.  But seriously.

So I’ve been giving this writing thing of mine A LOT of thought.  I love it.  You love it.  But getting the word out has been a whole lot harder than I ever thought it was going to be.  I’ve been at this for, I dunno, about seven years or so.  Before e-books were a thing.  The thing.  “Way back then,” I had this great story idea, and I did a lot of research.  Both for writing the book and also for getting published.  I joined professional writing groups, entered contests, networked with fellow authors, joined FB … everything I could think of.

I’ve always been a non-traditional kind of person.  Always swimming upstream.  And after all my research I decided to come out Indie…long before being Indie was cool.  Or maybe it’s still not cool.  I don’t know.  But after reading about all the loss of control an author signs on for with a traditional publisher, I wasn’t ready for that.  I really like having control.  LOL.  Which is in some ways hilarious to me now, because if I’ve learned anything from writing, it’s that once you put a book out there into the world … you have no control.  It’s just part of the beast.

Anyway … so here’s the thing.  In trying to spread the word and get sales and market the holy living shit out of my books, I’ve found myself becoming really unhappy with the process.  And if anything is uncool … that is uncool.  I love writing, and I don’t want trying to sell my books to fuck it up.  (Oh, yeah–I should tell you.  I am definitely the cute kid always spreading hugs and silliness and happiness, because I love happiness, hugs, and silliness.  But if you’ve read Damn, Girl. That Sucks. then even though it has been in a fictionalized form, you’ve had some insight into a few parts of my life, and far beyond my control, I came up the hard road … and with that hard road came a bit of mouth.)

So as I was saying, or rather, getting to … I’ve decided that I’m going to keep writing, but on my terms.  There is so much shit out there telling us authors, especially Indie authors, what we have to do to be successful.  And although I will give merit to some of it as seeming truth, I take exception to the gruel that is being put upon us.  Write, write, write.  Go, go, go.  Don’t eat.  Don’t sleep.  Produce.  Market.  Produce.  Market … Oh, here, take a breath–if you must.  … Seriously?

Suffice it to say for now, when I write, I think.  And thinking takes some time.  I create.  I weave words and threads in hopes of creating interesting characters and stories that I would want to read … in hopes that you will want to read them, too.  And it takes me however long it takes to do it.  Sometimes six weeks.  Sometimes when life is giving me the grand ol’ smack down, a year.  (Let’s hope life is done with its smack downs for a while.  I know I’ve had enough for a while.  Forever, really.  lol.)  :0)

So I’m inviting you along for this new phase of my journey.  I’m going to use my blog for talking with you.  Sharing my experience with you.  Giving you inside tidbits to my thoughts, process, and works in progress.  If you’re a fellow author, or an aspiring author, then you’ll get to hear some of what I’m going through and think, if you like, about how you want your own process to go and to be.  If you are a reader, then this will be a personal peek into me and my life and what it’s like on the other side of the book, as well as sneak peeks into upcoming books.

I hope you’ll stay with me.  Play with me.  Keep me company when the room gets dark and the words drag behind me on the floor–every word an effort.  And when the story is burning a hole in my monitor, fighting its way eagerly to you.  :0)  Because for as much as I write for me, I write for you.  And I very much hope to bring happiness and love and laughter and light into your days and nights … because my most beautiful wonderful happy Squee-Peeps … you’ve captured my heart and you mean the world to me.  Every time you write a rave review or send me an email or post on FB telling me how much you loved my story, all I want to do is write another one for you!  <3

Hugs and Silliness, and Oh So Much Love,

Mary Kate  :0)