OMG!!! There is a real life Dan Davies … and he found me!

Hello all my Happy, Beautiful, Most Wonderful Squee-Peeps!  Guess what???  There is a real life Dan Davies … and he has some similarities to my Dan Davies in Damn, Girl. That Sucks. that are “crazy cool!”  He found me, through a Google search that led him here.  Isn’t that crazy wild???

Ladies … just to give you some highlights: he is a self-described “prodigious reader” … swoon right there … right?  A man who reads? … and would totally understand your need to hunker down with a good book, blanket, and cup of something hot … for hours.  Niiiice!  He’s 6’1″, tall, dark, handsome, is an actor, screenwriter, and producer, is highly intelligent and has a B.A. in English and PoliSci, has a sense of humor, rides Harley’s, is a member of the Great Lakes Harley Riders, loves the Great Lakes, was a competitive body builder … you still with me … or have you drowned in drool???

I’m assuming you’d like to see a pic …

A Real Life Dan Davies

photo credit: Dan Davies

And there’s more … keep reading!  :0)

Here’s his first email to me:


Hello Mary Kay,

Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays! My name is Dan Davies and I came across your character’s name as I was googling myself….I am a shy actor but I need to always promote my films and upcoming films (Dan Davies-Wikipedia & Dan Davies IMDb (VI). The odd thing about your character is No. 1 I was born in Milwaukee the home of Harley-Davidson and I still make the Great Lakes state of Wisconsin my home. No. 2 I am currently between Harleys but will have one by this summer. No.3 I actually belong to the Great Lakes Harley Riders…please check out our Facebook page.
I think it’s a happy coincidence but I think I’d make a better Dan Davies than Charlie Hunnam and please check out my film “West of Thunder” on Hulu and this summer on Encore -Westerns. If there is anything that I can do to promote your book please count me in!

Warmest regards,
Dan Davies


At this point … I cracked up!  How amazing is this???  Right???  So I emailed him back:  (mind you … I have removed some spoiler-ish type content … so if you’re not done reading Damn, Girl. That Sucks. yet, never fear … read on!)


Well hello real live Dan Davies!  How nice to meet you.  And what a totally happy and funny coincidence that you share a name, a love of Harley’s and a love of the Great Lakes with my character.  I’m grinning at how amazing this is.

I will check out your film and IMDB page … I don’t know if you caught it from my blog, but Ivy Baines, the protagonist of the story is an aspiring playwright … mind you, you’re an actor and do movies … but still there’s only 1-ish degree of separation even in that coincidental detail.

It’s only by manifestation of writing a character driven story that Dan Davies (the character in my book) even became a character of import.  Originally, his role was relatively minor.  But through character motivations and actions, he “explained” to me that he was more important and thus … he has a big role in the book.

Like my Dan Davies, you don’t look like the sort of guy who might read a chick lit/romance-ish book about the hard knocks of life, but then again, you might be more like my Dan if you like to read and will give just about any book a try once.  If you feel up to the “challenge” and you have a kindle, I’d be happy to gift you a copy of the book.  I do have a male readership.  :0)

As for Charlie Hunnam, he’s not my Dan either.  It’s just that one pic … it was the right look.  Quiet, a bit somber.  That’s the look I was going for.  No other pic of Charlie works.  Just that one.


<A quick inserted note, though.  This isn’t quite true … I did find one other pic of Charlie Hunnam that is very Dan-ish … perhaps you might agree:>


found on the interwebs. Thank you to Charlie Hunnam and whomever took this perfect pic!

Back to my email: :0)


If you know folks who might like my book, sure, it would be absolutely fabulous to have your help spreading the word.  Can never have too much of that!  :0)  I’ve already told my readers about this amazing coincidence, and they’re busy looking you up, too.  I keep getting comments to the effect of: crazy cool!  I think a lot of my lady readers would really like to meet a real live Dan Davies … but I should warn you … I kind of wrote him pretty perfect.  :0)

I actually loved this story so much and the characters in it, I’m in talks with my graphic artist to get a full on sketch of the main group with the important story elements included — Dan’s Harley and his riding group’s logo are part of that.  :0)

You’ve brought a big smile to my face today!  Thanks!!!  I will keep an eye out for your film West of Thunder … and I’ll tell my girls to do the same.  :0)  I wish you the best of success always!!!

Thank you so much for contacting me!
Mary Kate


So you might think … and well, there it is.  Hello, and done.  But No!  Dan emailed me back and sent pics, and so I thought I’d share … in case you are dying to know more about him, his works, where to see him … all that good man jazz:


Hello Mary Kate,

Thank you for the nice email. As per your question…I am a prodigious reader as well as a screenwriter. I am in complete agreement with your assessment and organic growth in re the character of Dan Davies….certain characters become fully fleshed out entities and seem to expand and grow as the screenplay progresses.
I’ve attached some photos on set, some movie posters and some photos of my press junket in Lagos, Nigeria for my film, “Tempting Fate” for your and your readers’ perusal. I’d love to play a slightly older version of Dan Davies in the screen adaptation of Damn, Girl. That Sucks when it some day becomes a movie!!! Here’s a bit more about me….again feel free to share this amazing and weird coincidence with all of your readers. 

My name is Dan Davies (Wikipedia and IMDb (VI).

I just returned (Nov 11th) from filming (co-starring) in another Hollywood meets Nollywood film called “A Trip to Jamaica”….shot in Nigeria, Atlanta, GA and Jamaica. Here is a nice Bella Naija Magazine article about it It’s the “sequel” to the No. 1 Nollywood Box Office movie ever…”30 Days in Atlanta” (Starring Emmy & Golden Globe winner Lynn Whitfield, Vivica Fox, Ramsey Nouah, AY etc) “30 Days in Atlanta” beat out some Hollywood giants to claim this title…No. 2 (All-Time) is Marvel’s “Avengers”, No. 3 Bond’s “Skyfall”, No. 4 “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” No. 5 “Think Like a Man” and No. 6 “Man of Steel”. I play an FBI agent in the sequel. Here is a nice Pulse Magazine article about it and its box office “championship” run. .

Tempting Fate

Courtesy of Dan Davies

This past July I was in Nigeria for an 8-day press junket for the Nollywood/Hollywood film “Tempting Fate” (co-star). It opened theatrically in Nigeria and has become the 3rd biggest box office film (Week of July 17-23, 2015) …just behind “Ant-Man” and “Terminator-Genisys”. (Nollywood is the second largest film market in the world; Bollywood is No.1 in terms of productions in the world) “Tempting Fate” finished up its 7th week in cinemas…it did exceptionally well against the Hollywood blockbusters. The film is now gearing up for an upcoming UK, Canada and US release. A DSTV release throughout Africa is this Nov/Dec. DSTV is Africa’s version of Direct TV and serves the continent of Africa with millions of subscribers. Most of its customer base is in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

West of Thunder

Courtesy of Dan Davies

I am exceptionally proud of my film the supernatural western “West of Thunder” (Lead Actor/Screenwriter) has (Aug 10, 2015) become Hulu’s No. 79th Most Popular Drama Film, No. 64th Most Popular Action Film, No. 13th Most Popular Mystery Film and No. 3 Most Popular Western Film. (Hulu has about 6000 films) “West of Thunder” also ended up in the Top 10 films (with almost 20,000 votes tallied in all three prior qualifying rounds) of AIFI’s Top American Indian Films (1970-2014) in honor of the 40th Annual American Indian Film Festival. We are amongst such classics as “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, “Thunderheart”, “Last of the Mohicans”, “Windtalkers” and “Dances with Wolves”.

Here is a feature article about “West of Thunder” in the USA Today.

As per the USA Today article…”West of Thunder” is coming out on national cable (Showtime or Starz/Encore) spring (2016). Although right now it is available on Verizon (TWC), Hulu, Comcast, StarzMedia, Charter, VUDU, Viggle, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc Our distributor is Indican Pictures of Hollywood (“Boondock Saints”)

Here is the latest trailer for that film West of Thunder – Official Trailer (Dan Davies, Clifford Henry, Corbin Conroy) and in this trailer, for the film, “Tempting Fate” I play a Kazakh/Russian head of a bank robbery gang. Tempting Fate Trailer 2

“Flim, the Movie”, the movie in which I co-star with a bevy of British stars, had its world premiere this past Oct 2nd in London at the prestigious 22nd Annual Raindance Film Festival and it was nominated for Best British Film of 2014 (Raindance Award) at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). It’s also a featured showcase at the NYC Independent Film Festival in New York this upcoming Oct 15th. I also wrote, produced and starred in the cult classic comedy/horror/musical feature biopic “Ed Gein, The Musical” (Retro TV Network & PBS & over 500 theatrical screenings) We also found out (March 1, 2013) that “West of Thunder” won Best Film (Peace) and Best Film (Human Rights) 2012 by the Political Film Society of Hollywood, CA. Beating out, amongst others, George Lucas’ “Red Tails”, NAACP’s Image Award nominated (Outstanding International Motion Picture) “For Greater Glory” and Oscar & Golden Globe nominated (Best Foreign Language Film) “A Royal Affair”. The winners in the other two Best Film categories are Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (Democracy) and Ben Affleck’s “Argo” (Expose’). In its 28 year history “West of Thunder” is the first and only film to ever win both (Peace) & (Human Rights) categories. Past winners and nominees have included over 100 Academy Award winners.

“West of Thunder”

Invited by the Smithsonian Institution, (D.C.) National Museum of the American Indian, (D.C.) and the George Gustav Heye Museum in N.Y. to send them a preview copy of “West of Thunder” to be included in their archives and showcase of historically and culturally relevant movies.

The 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards asked “West of Thunder” to be considered for Outstanding Independent Motion Picture. “West of Thunder” is the first movie of its kind, in their 44 year old history, to be considered for nomination for the NAACP’s prestigious Image Award.

Selected by the Almeria Western Film Festival (Oct 2-5, 2013) as one of the 10 best westerns in the world. “West of Thunder” is considered the best western in the world 2012/2013 (Best Western-Audience Choice Award) along with “Django Unchained” (Best Western-Jury Award).

“West of Thunder is a strangely earnest revenge picture, a kindhearted western with its fair share of killing…walks the line of being both an enjoyable tale of revenge and an exploration of the sense of empty victory it offers…West of Thunder is curiously engaging.”

~ Mark Olsen (Movie Critic – Los Angeles Times)

“I commend you on “West of Thunder…it’s a really unusual movie …with an interesting twist. There is a spiritual voice in this movie that I had not heard before or seen before in a movie, so it’s done in a really creative way. It reminds us of our history and it also reminds us of the reality of today for the Lakota…very educational…”

~ Shelli Sonstein (Movie Critic/Radio Host “New York’s most listened to station” Q104.3 FM

“West of Thunder” proceeds at a deliberate and placid pace, alternating eerie moments of fitting revenge with thoughtful philosophical interludes…. pleasingly stylish with nice period detail…filled with good performances and poetic justice. “WoT” is a supernatural poetic-revenge western…with a thoughtful message.” Dan Davies showcases “a placid and wry demeanor with a wicked sense of humor…an engaging, interesting and good performance as Henry Seed”

~Hong Kong and Cult Film News

Warmest regards,

Dan Davies


And so … the Real Life Dan Davies Photo Gallery:

A Real Life Dan Davies

photo credit: Dan Davies

A real life Dan Davies

photo credit: Dan Davies

I personally think this next one could pass for Ex-Navy SEAL Seamus Kincaide from my romantic action adventure suspense novel, Love AND Revenge.  What do you think?

Cover Love AND Revenge

A real life Dan Davies

photo credit: Chris Willard Photography

A real life Dan Davies

photo credit: Chris Willard Photography

A real life Dan Davies

photo credit: Chris Willard Photography

A real life Dan Davies

photo credit: Dan Davies

And so there you have him … A real life Dan Davies!!!

How fun!!!

Happy Reading, and now … Happy Movie Watching, as always!

Mary Kate  :0)


6 thoughts on “OMG!!! There is a real life Dan Davies … and he found me!

  1. *Fanning self, wiping drool*
    Whew! Winter in Michigan has never felt so warm as it does today…heat wave! A real life Dan Davies…that measures up to the fictional…swoon! <3
    I admit I was flicking ahead at pictures…then reading 🙂 I absolutely had the same thought about Seamus with that photo! When I read that part I cracked up because I totally seen that also. 😉
    Wow! Gonna be adding some movies to my list…Hello Dan Davies! 😉
    This is just too amazing for words. Who would ever imagine writing a character that fights for a bigger role in the story…and then Poof. He actually sort of exists in real life…WOW!!!
    Mary Kate, I'm thinking you and my fellow readers must have been wishing REALLY hard. 😉 Wishes do come true! LOL Thanks Dan for helping us all believe. 😉
    I think I need a cold shower now. I'd roll in the snow if we had any and melt it all…LOL

    • Hiya Belinda!!!! I know, right???? How great is it that there is a real Dan Davies, and that he has so much in common with my Dan Davies. But most definitely … I think he should play Seamus … and get Love AND Revenge in the theater … the book NEEDS to be made into a movie!!!

      Thanks for sharing the love and happiness!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. How sweet! I am truly blushing and humbled by the kind words! Let’s see about creating a screenplay adaptation of Love and Revenge! From the snippets and reviews I’ve read….Mary Kate is a helluva writer….so it would be an honor to play Seamus! I’m also 3/4 Irish American with a bit of Scottish, Welsh and American Indian thrown in for good measure!
    Merry Christmas and God’s richest Blessings! I will toast all of you this Christmas with a Midwest (Wisconsin or Michigan) brewed beer!!!!
    Warmest regards,
    Dan Davies

    • Dan if you tell me you own a kilt I just might explode! 😛
      This is such an amazing coincidence. Best Christmas gift ever. 😉 Merry Christmas to you!

    • We would so love for you to play Seamus … his Maddie needs a good, strong man. :0) Meeting you has been it’s own happy Christmas present! I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you around.
      Will be looking for your films for some happy holiday viewing. :0)

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