Heightening and Tightening … Word Tweaking. I’m eyeballs deep in edits and revisions and loving it!

Getting it right ... telling the story that wants to be told!

Getting it right … telling the story that wants to be told!

I’ve been getting in some happy editing this morning. I went through the same scene I was attacking yesterday and re-tweaked it. Again. I think I’m happy with it now. It’s kind of one of those pivotal scenes where it sets up a whole bunch of life that’s coming down the pike for poor Ivy, so I wanted to make sure I got it right. I feel like I like it way better now.  :o)

In my books there always seems to be a scene or two where I work them and rework them and rewrite them and revise them and beat the shit out of them over and over again … and even after the book goes to print, I’m still thinking about that damn scene. Well … the scene this morning is most likely the one for this book. But who knows … I’m feeling pretty good about it now. I got the emotion in there. And the tone and the description. And the set-up — Poor Ivy — it’s in there, and she’s never going to see it coming until it’s too late.

Gotta get back at it.  Just wanted to update you.  Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

While you wait … TODAY ONLY … How about some chocolaty romantic reading fun to celebrate my anniversary and birthday!

Dip & Devour Front Cover

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